BK 600CY

Against the Slavers, part 1

The PCs reach the guard station’s sewer entrance and alert Sergeant Joh to their return. Upon entering the basement, Ahren begins casting prestidigitation spells to clean the PCs up as they inform him of what they found in the sewers. The PCs give Ahren his missing scroll and Ahren examines the party’s loot, identifying various magic items for them. Ahren then thanks the PCs and points out that they make a good team and that he’s sure he’ll be in touch with more work for them in the future.

For the next week, the PCs explore the city and begin to settle in to their new lifestyles. Several of the PCs procure day jobs.

Ripley shows up at the Green Dragon Inn looking for the PCs. After the PCs rescued her, she told Mysta Gonagin about them. Now, Mysta would like to meet them to thank them and to ask for their help with something. The PCs agree that they would like to meet Mysta and hear what she has to say. The next day, Ripley leads them to the Gonagin House on Cheap Street. Mysta comes outside to tell them that a group of gnoll slavers have been roaming the Outwall District. Mysta knows that they have taken several female halflings prisoner and she is worried about their safety. In addition, a human female was captured as well despite the woman’s husband’s attempt to fight them off. Mysta asks the PCs to do what they can to rescue the slavers’ prisoners; because they are holed up somewhere in the Outwall District, the city won’t allocate the resources necessary to conduct a search and rescue operation. To entice the PCs into helping, Mysta tells them that should they do this for her, she will owe them each a favor.

After the PCs agree to help Mysta, Ripley leads them out the Funery Gate, into the Outwall District, and to the human victim’s husband’s hovel. Just before they arrive, a gnoll exits the tent, spots Ripley pointing at him, and takes off running in the opposite direction. The PCs give chase!

The gnoll leads them to a small tent guarded by another gnoll and a hyena. The lookout gnoll attempts to open a trap door, that conceals a vertical shaft that must lead into an underground complex, in order to warn his fellow slavers. The PCs prevent the trap door from being opened and defeat the two gnolls and their pet hyena. The PCs prepare to enter the complex as Ripley keeps a lookout for any more gnoll slavers.

In-game time elapsed this session: 1 week (7 days)
Total in-game time elapsed: 8.6 days



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