BK 600CY

Against the Slavers, part 2

The PCs open the trap door and try to quietly head down a ladder that descends into the complex as Ripley keeps watch. The shaft opens into a short hallway with two doors on its left side. Assuming that any gnolls in the complex had heard them, the PCs kick open the first door to find a bloody dining room. Four gnolls attack the PCs and a fierce battle ensues.

After defeating the gnolls, and taking two prisoner, the PCs move into the next room and discover a dire hyena breaking free of its chains. While they are fighting the dire hyena, another door in the room opens. The gnoll jailer, a flind, joins the fight! At the same time, a hidden door on the opposite side of the chamber opens to reveal a gnoll archer and another hyena. The PCs are surrounded!

During a furious fight in which one of the PCs, Baldin, is slain, Hendrick runs to summon Ripley to help. Just as Ripley arrives, the PCs defeat the gnolls and hyenas. While searching the complex, the PCs rescue four female prisoners; two halflings, one human named [[Leeza], and one elf named Suzyn. The PCs give Suzyn and Leeza their gear when they find it in the gnoll leader’s quarters. Suzyn and Leeza both offer to join the PCs on future adventures if needed before taking their leave of the complex.

The PCs bring the halflings and gnoll prisoners to Mysta after looting the lair. Mysta takes the gnolls into her custody to interrogate them about the recent rise in slaver activity in the city. To thank the PCs, she advises that her favor is worth the following:

  • Access to one spell from her spell book for copying purposes
  • Will put in a good word for the PCs with a local organization
  • Will upgrade armor with the shadow special ability for 75% of its normal cost

In addition, due to their bravery in rescuing the prisoners, tales of their deed spread through the Outwall District and the PCs gain a +2 renown bonus to Charisma-based skill checks in the Outwall District for 1 year when they identify themselves as the slayers of the gnoll slavers.

In-game time elapsed this session: 2.4 hrs
Total in-game time elapsed: 8.7 days



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