BK 600CY

Creepy Crawl Dungeon Crawl, part 5

The pech also advise the PCs that the mite druid has an extremely large spider as a pet and that it hangs out in a glory hole that they will have to move through.

The PCs rest overnight in the lair of the defeated ogre spider with the pech.

The next day, the PCs continue the search. Within an hour or two, they see a glory hole ahead. Deacon Ash moves ahead and steps out of the passage. Ashe does so, a huge black widow spider descends upon him, biting him and severely poisoning him. As the PCs continue the fight, Deacon Ash succumbs to the poison and dies.

After Deacon dies, the party retreats back down the passage to regroup. They manage to lure the spider to where they can see it and eventually kill it with ranged weapons. Once in the glory hole, the PCs look up into the spider’s webs and notice a desiccated corpse.

In-game time elapsed this session: 10 hours
Total in-game time elapsed: 23 days and 20.4 hours



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