BK 600CY

Creepy Crawly Dungeon Crawl, part 6

The PCs continue the search and stumble upon an earth elemental riding a giant wasp. The earth elemental, who is really the mite druid wildshaped into elemental form, is wrangling a wasp swarm. All 3 attack the PCs and a long battle ensues. Eventually, the PCs are able to kill the giant wasp and the wasp swarm but the mite druid’s defense are just too good. After he runs out of offensive spells, the mite decides to retreat and disappears, never to be seen again.

The PCs discover the druid’s lair in a nearby cavern. In it are several pits; in the pits are the two human children and an invisible creature that turns out to be a leprechaun. The leprechaun regales the PCs with his tale.

The PCs return to the pech’s mine and take the mithral ore and a giant diamond they found. However, as they are leaving the area, The Man in the Earth rises from the ground to confront them. The odd 3-armed, 3-legged, 3-eyed creature threatens to attack them if they don’t leave the diamond behind. Out of healing and with Deacon dead, the PCs decide that discretion is the better part of valor and relinquish the gem. The creature allows them to keep the mithral ore and leave unmolested.

Although the human children and leprechaun are malnourished, the children are alive and well when returned to their parents. Ahren listens closely to the PC’s tale as the merchant throws the PCs a feast to celebrate their rescue of his child. Meanwhile, arrangements are made for the raising of Deacon Ash from the dead.

The next day, Cazamir the high priest of Zilchus, with funds donated by the merchant, uses a diamond to raise Deacon Ash from the dead. Ahren proclaims the PCs heroes and bestows upon them the Order of the Copper Crescent.

In-game time elapsed this session: 48 hours
Total in-game time elapsed: 25 days and 20.4 hours



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