BK 600CY

In Search of a Scroll, part 2

After defeating the spider swarm, the PCs continue exploring the smaller tunnel. After a short distance, the tunnel opens into a larger one filled with cobwebs. Two giant spiders move out of the cobwebs and attack the PCs but they are killed before anyone gets seriously injured. The PCs spot a long-dead armored body deep in the spiders’ webs and relieve it of some treasure.

Hendrick finds a hidden door which opens into a rough corridor that runs to the right, parallel to the main passage previously left behind. The PCs follow it until it opens into a larger room that has another passage leading away from it as well as a pair of doors at each end, one of which likely leads back out to the main passage. As they enter the chamber they are ambushed by two ugly, hairless dogs. Deacon identifies them as rodents known as goblin dogs.

After defeating the goblin dogs, the PCs briefly explore the other passage until they are attacked by a pair of giant ants. After killing the ants, the PCs decide to avoid going farther down that passage it might lead to a giant ant colony.

The PCs open the doors that lead deeper into the complex. Beyond is an odd-shaped room; a door at the far end is being guarded by a half-dozen goblins. After defeating the goblins and looting them, the PCs open the door to find a huge square room that appears to be the lair of the goblin’s leader. While looking around, the PCs are attacked by an invisible goblin spellcaster and a fierce battle ensues. Several of the PCs force the goblin to flee out a secret door and into the main corridor. The goblin leader attempts to invisibly ambush the PCs out in the main corridor but he is eventually cut down by the PCs. The PCs loot the goblin leader’s lair, finding Ahren’s missing scroll case as well as other loot.

The PCs then begin their journey to the station’s sewer entrance.

In-game time elapsed this session: About 2 hours
Total in-game time elapsed: 1.6 days



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