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Return to Rookroost

After exiting the ruined Temple of Hextor, Adeipho and Grymbull dug a deeper grave for Deacon Ash’s body and left him resting in peace near where he had fallen. They then returned to Artonsbrueck with Lireal’s and Eliab’s bodies, as well as the loot earned from their explorations.

Upon returning to Artonsbrueck, the pair filled in Captain Holt while the local bursar, a minor cleric of Zilchus, cast gentle repose upon the bodies. After explaining how Tyderius nearly defeated them before he escape, the pair rested. The next morning, they escorted their friends’ bodies, along with a cleric of Pelor named Anthony, to Rookroost. During the trip, Anthony told Adeipho of a small sect of Pelorites who lived in the city and promised to introduce him to his mentor.

After returning to the city, Adeipho and Grymbull dropped their friends’ bodies off at the Temple of Zilchus. They then spent the rest of the day, accompanied by Anthony, dealing with treasure-selling and equipment purchasing issues. During this time, the acolytes of the temple determined that Eliab’s soul desired to rest in peace.

All was not peaceful for the trio, however. As they made their way through the city, they were attacked by a demonic assassin. Covered in acidic slime, the assassin nearly felled Adeipho before the group could react. However, even though the demon, a babau, summoned another of his kind to help him, the trio were victorious. After searching the assassin’s body, they were disturbed to find a note which described Adeipho and Grymbull and which also contained instructions for their elimination. The note was signed “”/wikis/the-eye" class=“wiki-page-link”>The Eye".

When Adeipho and Grymbull returned to the temple that evening, they watched as the priests raised Lireal from the dead.



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