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The Key to Death

Nearly two uneventful months passed for Adeipho, Grymbull, Anthony, and Lireal in the city of Rookroost. Adeipho spent most of his time volunteering with the city constabulary as part of a fairly new program created by the Plar of Rookroost which encouraged adventurers in the city to spend some time shadowing with the local constabulary. As a result, he has become friendly with a corporal named Billius. Grymbull took to training animals. Anthony spent his time tending to a local shrine to Pelor watched over by the aging cleric, Tye Klavius. And Lireal spent her time performing in the city’s lower districts but has begun to make a name for herself.

One morning, when Anthony and Adeipho were both visiting the shrine to Pelor, they discovered a distraught Tye. Tye told them that the constables had visited him the night before seeking his brother, Parrick, for the murder of one of their distant cousins, a man named Pawl. Tye does not believe that his brother could have murdered anyone and asks Anthony and Adeipho for their help in locating his missing brother and figuring out what really happened. He then directs them to visit Pawl’s widow for Parrick had sought Pawl out in order to get a key from him—a key to their great-grandfather’s crypt located in the Rookroost City Cemetery. Parrick’s interest stemmed from the fact that they had just recently learned that their great-grandfather, Loromar Klavius, had himself been a cleric of Pelor and he wished to investigate the tomb for his aged brother.

The PC’s located Pawl’s widow, Marie, in her apartment in Newton. Initially wary of the PCs, for she thought Tye might have sent them to hurt her, her fears were calmed by Lireal. She then told the PCs that Parrick had visited them the night before and had gotten into a heated argument with her husband—Parrick had wanted Pawl to give him the lone surviving key to their great-grandfather’s crypt, which Pawl had refused to do. The two got into a shoving match during which Pawl tripped and fell backwards, striking the back of his head on the floor. The blow cracked his skull and he died a few moments later.

Stunned, Marie had begun shrieking for help while Parrick had taken the key from Pawl’s body and fled. Several minutes later, the constables arrived, took her statement, confirmed that Pawl was dead, and carted his body off to the City Morgue for an autopsy.

After speaking with Marie, the heroes decided to investigate the cemetery. There they hoped to find Parrick at his great-grandfather’s crypt. After exiting the city via the Funery Gate, they headed north to the cemetery. There they were surprised to discover Suel warriors and clergy wearing the regalia of Wee-Jas. During their journey to the cemetery, Lireal had filled them in that the cemetery was now guarded by the Guardian of the Graves but they had not realized how total her control was.

After speaking with the Guardian, the heroes asked for permission to examine Loromar’s crypt. The Guardian gave her blessing but informed them that, a) she had no spare key to the crypt, b) they had one hour before sunset at which time they would have to leave the grounds.

The heroes were then shown to the crypt and examind it—and realized that two humanoid creatures had been near it recently. However, the lock proved to be too tough for Grymbull to pick and, as the crypt itself was solid marble, they had no way of entering it.

Stymied, the heroes decided to visit the city’s morgue to see what they could learn of Pawl’s death. Once there, Adeipho was greeted by Corporal Billius who informed them that Pawl’s autopsy had revealed that he had died of a cracked skull due to falling backwards and hitting his head on the floor. However, Billius also told them that Pawl’s corpse stood up and walked right out the door several hours after it arrived. Thelocal soldiers attempted to stop it but they were no match for the newly undead’s strength. Undead Pawl then headed towards the Funery Gate.

The heroes hurried back to the now closed cemetery to warn the Guardian that a powerful undead creature had likely managed to sneak into the cemetery during the previous night. Reluctantly, she opened the gates and allowed the PCs in, urging them to hurry and find undead Pawl while she restored the gate’s wards.

The PCs hurried to Loromar’s crypt, now armed with a crowbar. As they were turning their attention to forcing the door open, they were ambushed by an incorporeal winged humanoid. The undead spirit attacked Anthony first, draining some of the cleric’s life force. However, before the spirit, identified as a disembodied berbalang, could do more harm, Adeipho and Anthony blasted it with holy energy.

With the berbalang’s spirit driven off, and with much effort, Grymbull and Adeipho were able to pry the stout iron door to Loromar’s crypt open. A short flight of stairs led down into the darkness. Grymbull moved ahead, triggering a pit trap. After being pulled out, he saw that the crypt contained a desecrated altar to Pelor and two sarcophagi, one wooden and one stone. The wooden sarcophagus contained the undisturbed body of Loromar’s wife. The stone sarcophagus contained the vandalized remains of Loromar. Nearby, the heroes discovered parchment and wax crayons; used to take etchings of the stone sarcophagus’s elaborate carvings.

The PCs then discovered that the altar hid a ladder that led further down into the darkness. After Grymbull went down the ladder, he was ambushed by a figure somewhat matching the description of Pawl—except clearly undead. The creature quickly knocked Grymbull unconscious. The rest of the PCs jumped into action and, after a furious fight, eventually’s Pawl was defeated. During the fight, the PCs had also noticed that Parrick’s body lay in a corner.

As the party recovered, they noticed a strange gathering of negative energy swirling around Pawl’s remains. As the energy intensified, Adeipho and Anthony channeled positive energy into it, disrupting some of the gathering energy. However, their fears were soon realized when a spectral image of Pawl rose from the undead’s remains and shrieked in anger.



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