BK 600CY

The Key to Death, pt. 2

As soon as the form coalesced, it attacked Anthony, draining part of his life energy. A furious fight ensued and eventually the spectre was put to rest without anyone else having their life’s energy drained.

With Pawl’s undead body and soul both finally defeated, the heroes explored the small chamber and realized it was a small chapel dedicated to Pelor. Behind some crates, they located Parrick’s body. Upon examination, they realized that Parrick had been chocked to death by Pawl’s revenant form.

The PCs gathered up Parrick’s and Pawl’s bodies and returned to the upper level of the tomb. After re-examining Loromar’s sarcophagus, they discovered a holy mace (+1 consecrated sacrosanct heavy mace) dedicated to Pelor. Anthony and Adeipho decided it was best to leave the holy weapon with its master and the PCs left the tomb.

As they were filing out the open door, they were surprised and attacked by the berbalang. No longer relying on his spirit form, the berbalang flew off the roof and attacked Anthony, paralyzing the cleric. As the rest of the PCs attacked, they too were paralyzed in turn. Luckily, the paralysis was always short-lived and eventually the PCs were able to defeat the demonic undead creature.

As the PCs took stock, they realized that there were several battles underway in the dark cemetery. Something had awakened the undead left behind by the Iuzians and the Wee-Jasians were busy trying to prevent the undead from overwhelming them. The PCs made for the main gate, to try to help the Guardian of the Graves but, as she was fighting a huge devourer, she waved them away, warning them to watch out. As the PCs turned to look behind them, they were attacked by a wraith and a wight.

While the wight was easily dispatched, the wraith proved to be a troublesome foe as it used its incorporeal ability to hide in the earth. Very patiently, it attacked several of the PCs, attempting to drain their life, before it began attacking Grymbull‘s bear. Despite the PCs’ best efforts, the bear was eventually killed by the wraith. Luckily, the bear, not being humanoid, did not rise as another wraith and eventually the PCs were able to destroy the undead spirit after a long and frustrating battle.

By the time they were done, the Guardian’s forces had secured most of the cemetery and were mopping up the last few undead. The PCs filled the Guardian re: Pawl and Parrick’s final encounter. The Guardian then gave the PCs permission to loot the berbalang’s grave before returning to assisting her acolytes. Before she did so, however, and loathe to open the gates again, she invited the PCs to spend the night in the main funeral home’s guest chambers.

In the morning, the PC’s feasted on a divine breakfast. Anthony, who had managed to recover a bit from his life-draining ordeal, received a powerful healing spell from the Guardian which returned him to full strength. The Guardian then revealed that her morning divinations had revealed that the PCs might face danger soon so she gifted each of them a final boon by enchanting one weapon and one armor. She then asked them to give her regards to Tye Klavius and bid the PCs good day.



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