BK 600CY

The Ruined Temple of Hextor, pt. 2

After resting, the PCs explored the construct crafter’s empty chamber, after being blasted by an order’s wrath trap, and looted it before destroying the valuable lab equipment—the PCs were worried about another construct being crafted while they explored the ruins.

The PCs continued to explore the level—when they discovered and opened the jakes, they were attacked by an otyugh which had taken up residence therein. Covered in filth, the PCs killed the monster.

The PCs eventually found themselves at the end of a hallway standing in front of a sturdy stone door. This was unusual as all the other doors had been wooden. When the PCs opened the door, they were attacked by an ochre jelly which had grown from the moldy food left behind when the Hextorites had been killed by the Iuzians. After accidentally causing the monster to multiply, the PCs eventually figured out how to kill it.

With the level fully explored, the PCs realized their search would have continue in the next level. After making their way back to the stairs, they carefully followed them down. Several revolutions later, they found themselves facing another landing. As the stairs continued downwards, they choose to explore the second level first.

As they exited the stairs, a magical darkness descended and several darkmantles, who had been lurking on the ceiling of the chamber, fell upon the PCs. A furious battle, in which most of the PCs were blind, ensued as the darkmantles, led by a larger-than-normal specimen, attempted to engulf and eat the heroes.

As the noisy battle raged, the PCs could make out the faint sounds of alarm from nearby. Apparently, they had stumbled upon a hobgoblin community! As the PCs finished off the darkmantles and toss their bodies down the spiral stairs, discovering that a cave in blocked their way down, they could hear the approaching boots of a small hobgoblin army.



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