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The Ruined Temple of Hextor, pt. 5

Despite their many battles, the PCs decided to explore a door they had found in a nearby cavern. Upon opening it, they were greeted by the sight of over a dozen rime-covered humanoid skeletons. Standing behind these was a more impressive skeleton; this one arrayed in the ancient garments of He of Eternal Darkness. As the skeletons attacked, leaping forth through the door and into the PCs’ ranks with undead speed, the chamber crew deathly cold.

Although the skeleton champion cleric was powerful, and although he had more frosty skeletons enter the fight from another room, the PCs were eventually victorious. Sadly, however, Eliab’s cat, Grymbull’s bear, and the new hobgoblin all perished in the fight.

With the fight finished, the PCs took a moment to examine the cleric’s quarters and nearby environs. It was then that they had realized that they had stumbled upon some sort of underground temple to He of Eternal Darkness, one which the Hextorites must have stumbled upon while carving their complex out of the bedrock. Exhausted from the long day of fighting, saddened by their losses, the PCs exited the evil complex and returned to the hobgoblins’ quarters to rest.

The next morning, the PCs returned to the main temple area. The chamber was massive and contained many stone pews. A dark stone alter, fairly reeking of evil mystical energy, stood at the head of the chamber. Behind it, hanging on the wall was a dark tapesty which depicted the odd story of a massive dark dragon rising from the earth.

Although the PCs wished to destroy the altar, they realized it was just too sturdy to damage. When Adeipho turned to examine the tapestry, he was surprised when it came to life and attacked him. He was engulfed by some sort of cloaker!

After killing the cloaker, the PCs saw a door standing where the cloaker had hidden it. When the PCs opened it, they saw a strange zombie-looking undead creature hiding in the darkness of the revealed passageway. Before the PCs could react, the creature waved its hands and three of the four companions (Eliab, Grymbull, and Adeipho) were teleported away against their will. Only Lireal remained behind!



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