BK 600CY

The Ruined Temple of Hextor, pt. 6

Suddenly alone and in a dark chamber, Lireal crept backwards, away from the monster. Thus she was startled when the next sound she heard was that of the door slamming shut. A moment later, she heard the sounds of battle, but she knew not from where.

Luckily for the three, Pelor was with them as all three were randomly teleported in the same direction. As a result, all three arrived in the same chamber; a chamber in which they were startled to see Zarishen, Kormick, and Bazin Peiper. The PCs had stumbled upon the villians’ lair! A furious fight ensued; Zarishen immediately planted two arrows deep in Eliab’s chest, almost killing the cleric. Kormick and Bazin began screaming for Tyderius, who was apparently holed up in another room nearby. It was these noises which Lireal began to hear.

During the fight, the PCs realized that Kormick had been standing next to a secret door, looking through a peep-hole. Kormick tried to escape through that same door; when he opened it, the PCs realized that it opened out into the main temple chamber. The villians had been aware that the PCs were nearby for quite some time and had had time to prepare accordingly.

With the secret door open, Lireal was now able to join the fight and soon the three evil-doers had been knocked unconscious despite the appearance of Tyderius and his summoned monsters and swarms.

However, Tyderius was merely biding his time, softening up the PCs so that they would huddled around Eliab for healing. When Eliab, Adeipho, and Grymbull were all close together, he unleashed his most powerful spell, Evard’s Black Tentacles. The three were squeezed by the spell’s tentacles while Lireal watched helplessly. Worse, Tyderius summoned a stinking cloud upon the grappled PCs.

With the 3 PCs in distress, Tyderious turned his attentions to Lireal. Targeting her with scorching rays, one of the bolts from his first casting blasted through the bard, leaving her barely conscious. Unable to flee, and attacked by Tyderius’ pet imp, Lireal was unable to flee before Tyderius targeted her with another casting of the spell. Adeipho, Eliab, and Grymbull watched in horror as Lireal fell to the floor, burning and dead. Soon after, Eliab followered her into the afterlife as the tentacles, the spell having been re-cast by Tyderius right before it expired, squeezed the life out of him.

Enraged by their deaths, Adeipho was able to free himself from the tentacles and confront Tyderius. However, the summoner had no desire to face the paladin in a melee and so he cast dimension door and disappeared. Realizing that the mage could be anywhere in the complex, or even outside, and realizing that they couldn’t continue to explore the ruins with Eliab and Lireal dead, Adeipho and Grymbull decided it was time to return to Artonsbrueck to report their findings, and losses, to Captain Holt.



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