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Elemental Attack on Artonsbrueck, pt. 2

Meanwhile, a pair of fire elementals had attacked the Shallow Draft‘s stables. With the stables set ablaze, and the horses and ponies inside panicking in their stalls, a trio of half-orc adventurers, Teesha, G’narl, and L’ron, rescued the equines and defeated the fire elementals just as the PCs arrived to help. Seeing that the stables were on fire but that the horses had been saved, the PCs ran to the tavern’s entrance as they heard the sounds of fighting coming from within.

The tavern, which had been attacked by a pair of earth elementals, was defended by Argus Peiper, Amira, the barmaid, an ogre, Bazin Peiper, and two local sailors. However, during the height of the battle, Bazin turned on his brother and helped the earth elementals to capture Argus. Unfortunately, the PCs arrived too late to stop the earth elementals and Bazin from escaping with their prize, The PCs then ran to the front gate.

At the front gate, the final pair of earth elementals were attempting to sunder the gates. Defending the gates were Captain Holt and the gate guard crew. Unfortunately, they were no match for the earth elementals, which had surprised them by rising out of the ground in their midst. By the time the PCs arrived, Holt and his men were defeated although the PCs were able to stabilize Holt. Despite their efforts, one of the earth elementals fled back into the earth.

With the various battles concluded, the town of Artonsbrueck took stock of the sitation. News of Bazin’s treachery spread quickly. Several of Holt’s men, searching the town’s perimeter walls for breaches, discovered a hidden bolt hole outside the town’s western wall. Horse tracks led south towards the water’s edge.

While the town guard attempted to restore order and determine what happened, Holt asked the PCs to spend the night in the town so that they could investigate the burned remains of Tyderius’s house the next day. While the PCs rested, some of the guards and townsfolk spent the night excavating the ruin that was Tyderius’s burned home and discovered a trap door that led down into a basement.

The next morning, the PCs headed down into Tyderius’s basement.

Elemental Attack on Artonsbrueck

As Tyderius fled back into his house, over a dozen various man-sized elementals escaped from the now-burning house to attack the town. Unable to stop the air or fire elementals due to their speed, the PCs opted to attempt to stop a pair of water elementals. While they were successful, the other elementals quickly spread throughout the town, causing mayhem and destruction.

In this adventure, the players controlled the NPCs as the NPCs attempted to fight various elementals. A brief synopsis follows:

The PCs intercepted the water elementals which were heading for the piers. As a result, the Rhennee barges were safe. The Rhennee, suspicious of evil magicks, stayed on their vessels to protect their cargoes.

A pair of water elementals moved to attack the docks. They were driven off by Bursar Torrin, Teller Rinddel, an ogre, and some town guards. Upon defeating them, Torrin led his men towards the warehouse district where Horst, leader of the town’s militia, was leading the fight against a pair of fire elementals. Horst was joined by Samir, a wealthy land-owner, and town guards. With Torrin’s group’s help, Horst and Samir were able to defeat the fire elementals and prevent the warehouses from being set on fire.

At the same time, a pair of air elementals attacked each of the town’s ballista emplacements. The first was defended by Elrenica, a female elven wizard who lived in the town, Lieutenant Bergeron, a sergeant of the guard, and the ballista’s crew. Alas, the defense of the first ballista dud not go well as the elementals immediately swept several members of the defense team off the walls. Those who survived were unable to return to the fight and watched in horror as, despite of the elementals being slain, the surviving elemental killed the remaining defenders before it pushed the ballista off the wall and fled back towards Tyderius’s house.

The second ballista position fared better. Led by Willum Peiper, the town’s retired constable, Kendrick, a local halfling ranger, and the ballista crew defeated the attacking air elementals with few casualties. Unfortunately, their position allowed them to watch helplessly as the other ballista position was overrun.

The Journey to Artonsbrueck

Two weeks after the PCs rescued the noblemens’ children, Ahren asked the PCs for help escorting a merchant to the river town of Artonsbrueck. While such a menial task would normally be beneath those of the PCs’ stature, Ahren explains that the city is experiencing a shortage of caravan guards and that the city’s soldiers can’t fill in due to concerns about strange occurrences happening north of the city. As a result, Ahren asks the PCs to escort the Bakluni merchant Amira to Artonsbrueck and back. The PCs agree, hoping to earn more favors from Ahren.

The next morning they head to the Northhaven Tavern where they meet Amira. An attractive middle-aged Bakluni woman, Amira’s no-nonsense attitude and organizational skills quickly have her wagon loaded, horses in their traces, and the group on the road south.

Despite the road being fairly well-patrolled, the group was attacked as they slept after their first night on the road by a group of orcs led by a human archer named Zarishen. After defeating the orcs and their leader, the PCs were surprised to learn that they, not Amira, were the bandits’ targets for Zarishen possessed a note from someone known as The Eye which instructed the bandit to kill the PCs and included their descriptions.

After securing their prisoner, the human leader, the group continued to Artonsbrueck, arriving without further incident. Once there, the PCs quickly met the town’s military leader, Captain Holt, and dropped off their prisoner so that he could be tried for banditry. The PCs then spent the remainder of the day exploring the small trading town. During their explorations, they met Argus Pieper, owner of the Shallow Draft, and enjoyed some entertainment in said tavern. However, the evening’s entertainment wasn’t very entertaining as the comedian, a halfling of sharp wit named Kormick, heckled his own audience.

After the PCs had retired to their rooms, Lireal and Deacon Ash both decided to go on midnight strolls. While Deacon Ash enjoyed a peaceful walk, Lireal watched a man walk off the end of a pier, almost as if he were sleep-walking or attempting to commit suicide. When Lireal jumped into the water to save the man, she was attacked by a formerly invisible imp. Alone in the water, only Lireal’s cries for help saved her from drowning as a group of Rhennee from a nearby barge come to her aid. Unfortunately, the unknown man drowned, his body later recovered. Examination revealed the man, the town’s jailer, had been stung by the imp, the poison making him too weak to swim. Upon her return to the PCs’ rooms, Lireal received a stern lecturing from the other members of the party about wandering off alone.

When Captain Holt investigated further, he discovered that the prisoner, Zarishen, had escaped. The next morning, Holt enlisted the PCs’ aid in an attempt to locate the missing prisoner. Deacon Ash’s tracking skills led to the realization that Zarishen had fled to the home of Tyderius, a man who was knew to the town. When Captain Holt and the PCs confronted Tyderius at his home, Tyderius slammed the door in their faces and spoke mystic words in a variety of odd, planar languages. A moment later, over a dozen man-sized elementals of various types burst out of the house and began attacking the town.

Creepy Crawly Dungeon Crawl, part 6

The PCs continue the search and stumble upon an earth elemental riding a giant wasp. The earth elemental, who is really the mite druid wildshaped into elemental form, is wrangling a wasp swarm. All 3 attack the PCs and a long battle ensues. Eventually, the PCs are able to kill the giant wasp and the wasp swarm but the mite druid’s defense are just too good. After he runs out of offensive spells, the mite decides to retreat and disappears, never to be seen again.

The PCs discover the druid’s lair in a nearby cavern. In it are several pits; in the pits are the two human children and an invisible creature that turns out to be a leprechaun. The leprechaun regales the PCs with his tale.

The PCs return to the pech’s mine and take the mithral ore and a giant diamond they found. However, as they are leaving the area, The Man in the Earth rises from the ground to confront them. The odd 3-armed, 3-legged, 3-eyed creature threatens to attack them if they don’t leave the diamond behind. Out of healing and with Deacon dead, the PCs decide that discretion is the better part of valor and relinquish the gem. The creature allows them to keep the mithral ore and leave unmolested.

Although the human children and leprechaun are malnourished, the children are alive and well when returned to their parents. Ahren listens closely to the PC’s tale as the merchant throws the PCs a feast to celebrate their rescue of his child. Meanwhile, arrangements are made for the raising of Deacon Ash from the dead.

The next day, Cazamir the high priest of Zilchus, with funds donated by the merchant, uses a diamond to raise Deacon Ash from the dead. Ahren proclaims the PCs heroes and bestows upon them the Order of the Copper Crescent.

In-game time elapsed this session: 48 hours
Total in-game time elapsed: 25 days and 20.4 hours

Creepy Crawl Dungeon Crawl, part 5

The pech also advise the PCs that the mite druid has an extremely large spider as a pet and that it hangs out in a glory hole that they will have to move through.

The PCs rest overnight in the lair of the defeated ogre spider with the pech.

The next day, the PCs continue the search. Within an hour or two, they see a glory hole ahead. Deacon Ash moves ahead and steps out of the passage. Ashe does so, a huge black widow spider descends upon him, biting him and severely poisoning him. As the PCs continue the fight, Deacon Ash succumbs to the poison and dies.

After Deacon dies, the party retreats back down the passage to regroup. They manage to lure the spider to where they can see it and eventually kill it with ranged weapons. Once in the glory hole, the PCs look up into the spider’s webs and notice a desiccated corpse.

In-game time elapsed this session: 10 hours
Total in-game time elapsed: 23 days and 20.4 hours

Creepy Crawly Dungeon Crawl, part 4

Hendrick rejoins the PCs as they continue exploring the passages. An hour or so after fighting the mite ranger, a giant stag beetle, with multiple mites riding on its back, comes barreling down the passage, trampling the PCs! The PCs fight back and soon the giant bug and its passengers are dead.

The PCs are later ambushed by an ogre spider that is squeezing in the small passage. The tight quarters make fighting the huge beast very difficult but eventually the PCs prevail. Farther down the passage they discover its lair. In the webbing they find the desiccated remains of a fey known as a pech. The PCs decide to rest in the ogre spider’s lair.

The next morning, the PCs hear the sounds of mining ringing throughout the nearby passages. Deacon Ash sneaks down the passage and discovers a mite on a large camel spider guarding three pech mining slaves. Unsure of how powerful the mite is, the PCs use trickery to approach—Lireal casts an illusion of the ogre spider and then runs into the mining chamber. She almost tricks the mite guard into thinking the illusion is real but then it sees Deacon Ash approaching and attacks. The mite turns out to be a druid. After another fierce battle, the heroes free the pech slaves. There is also a large collection of mined gemstones and mithral ore in the middle of the chamber.

Before the PCs can take the gemstones, the pech warn the PCs about something they call “The Man in the Earth” and advise that he is likely to attack if the gems are taken. The pech describe him as a 3-armed, 3-legged creature that can move through the earth. None of the PCs recognize the description but they decide to leave the gems there for now. The Pech warn them that the mite leader is a powerful druid and that they believe he is holding the human children, as well as a leprechaun, captive for reasons unknown.

In-game time elapsed this session: 2.4 hours
Total in-game time elapsed: 23 days and 10.4 hours

Creepy Crawly Dungeon Crawl, part 3

After resting overnight, the PCs are ready to continue searching for the missing child. Sometime during the night, Deacon Ash somehow managed to befriend a badger.

Hendrick attempts to disable the trapped door but fails and is bathed in druidic fire.

Once open, the trap door reveals a ladder descending 30 feet. Spiderwebs choke the passage. Hendrick, tired of spiders, decides to sit this one out (Al called in sick).

Upon descending, the PCs being to move down a narrow passage. Deacon and his wolverine are in front of the party when Deacon triggers a floor pit trap. Deacon jumps to safety but the wolverine falls into the pit. At that moment, a strange blue creature riding a giant spider, both of whom had been lurking upside down farther down the passage’s ceiling, charges Deacon Ash. During the fight, Deacon identifies the creature as a fey known a a mite.

After the mite and spider are killed, the PCs find a humanoid armored corpse in the bottom of the pit.

After several more hours of traveling, the PCs arrive at a glory hole: a large vertical shaft that connects several tunnels to each other by way of a spiraling ramp. As the PCs move into the shaft, four more mites, all riding giant spiders, exit various passages and move to engage the PCs. The PCs kill the spiders and 3 of the mites. The 4th mite is interrogated but he proves uncooperative and is therefore summarily executed.

As the PCs continue the search, they are ambushed by a giant scorpion. The scorpion is the pet of a skilled mite ranger who uses his bow to good effect against the PCs as the scorpion blocks the passage. However, after a furious fight, the scorpion and the mite ranger are eventually defeated.

In-game time elapsed this session: 10.4 hours
Total in-game time elapsed: 23 days and 8 hours

Creepy Crawly Dungeon Crawl, part 2

The PCs head back into the tunnels and defeat more vermin. After exploring the tunnels, they finally discover a trap door. After defeating the large camel spider that lairs in that chamber, they examine the door for traps.

Unfortunately, they fail to find the trap; when the trap door is opened, a section of the floor drops away, dropping several of the into a sand-filled chamber 30’ below. As the rest of the PCs make their way through the trap door and down a ladder, a juvenile ant-lion emerges from the sand to attack! After a close call, the PCs kill the ant-lion.

One rough tunnel leads from the ant-lion’s chamber. The PCs follow it, discovering that it opens into a large, web-filled chamber. As Deacon moves ahead stealthily, he is attacked by a giant spider and a large black widow spider! After the spiders were defeated, the PCs discover a small chamber of worked stone. In it is another trap door. Hendrick examines the trap door and recognizes magical auras for abjuration and druidic fire.

Exhausted from a day of fighting vermin and exploring small passages, the PCs decide to camp for the night before moving deeper into the creepy crawly dungeon.

Creepy Crawly Dungeon Crawl, part 1

Two weeks after the PCs defeated the slavers, Ripley meets them at the Green Dragon Inn to give them an update from Mysta Gonagin. According to Mysta, the slavers are being organized but she hasn’t been able to figure out by who yet.

Later that day, the PCs receive a note from Ahren asking them to meet him near the Temple of Celestian. The note asks that they be prepared to deal with vermin.

Party receives note from Ahren requesting that the party meet him outside the Peak Gate near the Temple of Celestian. When the PCs arrive, Ahren greets them and leads them to the nearby residence of a wealthy merchant. Outside the house is a swarm of activity as members of the city’s constabulary, including Sergeant Joh, are preventing anyone from entering the premises—including the merchant and his wife. The pair are hysterical because their young daughter was taken from her room during the night.

Ahren brings the PCs into the house and shows them a hole in the living room floor that looks to have been made by a pick ax from something digging underneath the house. A collapsed tunnel leads away from the hole. As laborers begin to clear the collapsed tunnel, Ahren explains that this is the second such abduction in the city; the first having been a month ago in a different part of the city. In both instances, cockroaches were found in the missing girls’ bedrooms. Ahren, on behalf of the City of Rookroost, asks the PCs for their help in investigating the abduction. The PCs agree and move into the tunnel after the debris is cleared out.

The tunnel dives sharply down into the earth and does not intersect with the nearby sewers. As the PCs move farther into it, they encounter a carnivorous cockroach swarm. After defeating the swarm, the PCs discover a warren of tight, twisting passages overrun with vermin small and monstrous. The PCs encounter and kill giant scorpions, giant camel spiders, centipede swarms, and a huge centipede.

After dealing with all these vermin, several of the PCs are suffering from poison-induced ability damage that they are unable to heal. As a result, they are forced to retreat back to the house. As they relay what they had found so far to Ahren, he sends a runner to fetch Cazamir, ranking priest of Zilchus, the Moneylender, in the city. As the merchant is a devout follower of the Moneylender’s, and because the PCs are on official city business, Cazamir arrives to help. Using his divine magic, the priest cures the PCs of all poison damage while Ahren restocks the party’s supplies of alchemist fire and acid flasks. Soon, the PCs are ready to re-enter the tunnels and continue their search for the merchant’s missing daughter.

In-game time elapsed this session: 1 hr
Total in-game time elapsed: 22.8 days

Against the Slavers, part 2

The PCs open the trap door and try to quietly head down a ladder that descends into the complex as Ripley keeps watch. The shaft opens into a short hallway with two doors on its left side. Assuming that any gnolls in the complex had heard them, the PCs kick open the first door to find a bloody dining room. Four gnolls attack the PCs and a fierce battle ensues.

After defeating the gnolls, and taking two prisoner, the PCs move into the next room and discover a dire hyena breaking free of its chains. While they are fighting the dire hyena, another door in the room opens. The gnoll jailer, a flind, joins the fight! At the same time, a hidden door on the opposite side of the chamber opens to reveal a gnoll archer and another hyena. The PCs are surrounded!

During a furious fight in which one of the PCs, Baldin, is slain, Hendrick runs to summon Ripley to help. Just as Ripley arrives, the PCs defeat the gnolls and hyenas. While searching the complex, the PCs rescue four female prisoners; two halflings, one human named [[Leeza], and one elf named Suzyn. The PCs give Suzyn and Leeza their gear when they find it in the gnoll leader’s quarters. Suzyn and Leeza both offer to join the PCs on future adventures if needed before taking their leave of the complex.

The PCs bring the halflings and gnoll prisoners to Mysta after looting the lair. Mysta takes the gnolls into her custody to interrogate them about the recent rise in slaver activity in the city. To thank the PCs, she advises that her favor is worth the following:

  • Access to one spell from her spell book for copying purposes
  • Will put in a good word for the PCs with a local organization
  • Will upgrade armor with the shadow special ability for 75% of its normal cost

In addition, due to their bravery in rescuing the prisoners, tales of their deed spread through the Outwall District and the PCs gain a +2 renown bonus to Charisma-based skill checks in the Outwall District for 1 year when they identify themselves as the slayers of the gnoll slavers.

In-game time elapsed this session: 2.4 hrs
Total in-game time elapsed: 8.7 days


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