Outwall District

The Outwall, which almost circles the entire city as it balloons out from the city’s southeastern wall, curving north over the city and down around to the city’s southern corner, is really not much of a wall at all. Never very tall to begin with, over the years its stones have been cannibalized in order to build the city’s main or inner walls. As a result, the Outwall is now only about two to three feet high in any given place and is of little defensive value to the city. It’s main purpose now serves to define the Outwall District.

The Outwall District is where the most desperate of desperate live in squalid tent and shanty towns. The district is actually bisected by the Rookroost City Cemetery. Despite that, it is relatively easy to travel from one to the other due to the Outwall’s low height.

Since the devastation of the Bluff Hills caused by That Which Slept, the eastern portion of the district has become home to the refuges who managed to flee Groucester. The denizens here mostly accost merchants arriving from Artonsbrueck for information, work, or worse. However, they can’t get too out of line for, to the south, lies a major army encampment. From there, the Plar’s soldier conduct drills and keep an eye on the eastern district’s riff raff.

Those in the western district have far more space, as the Outwall here extends farther from the city. As a result, this area is far less crowded. In addition, trade traffic from the east has picked up speed in recent years. As a result, the Old Marketplace is once again thriving as merchants sell off wares of lesser value before entering the city proper. The Old Marketplace is also an excellent place to hire experienced caravan guards.

Finally, in the far southern portion of the western district stands the rebuilt, but still ramshackle, Chapel to Grummsh. Nearby live a large portion of the city’ orc and half-orc population.

Outwall District

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