Rookroost (Large City): 40,000 gp limit; Assets 36,600,000 gp.

Population: 23,620—Human 79% (Ofsbr), Half-orc 9%, Orc 5%, Halfling 3%, Elf 2%, Half-elf 1%, Other 1%.

Area Controlled: 7,800 square miles.

Ruler: Plar Rhaedrick Avenfear (N male middle-aged human Expert 3/Rogue 9/Legendary Leader 2)

Government: The current plar was elected by an oligarchy representing the city’s criminal, mercantile, and religious guilds.

Major Nearby Towns: Artonsbrueck (pop. 900), Groucester (unknown), Marsakeer (1,300).

Resources: Timber (Fellreev Forest), trade nexus.

Coinage: lord (gp), lady (sp), knave (cp) (see currency as other currencies may be legally used for purchases).

Languages: Oeridian, Orc, Flan, Old Oeridian, Halfling, Infernal.

Alignments: N*, CN, NE, CE.

Religions: Zilchus, Erythnul, Hextor, Kurell, Kuroth, Olidammara, Rudd, Atroa, Celestian, Fharlanghn, Lirr, orc pantheon.

Allies: Loose trade affiliation with Kingdom of Johrase, Duchy of Tenh (sometimes).

Enemies: Iuz, Duchy of Tenh (sometimes).

Previous Rookroost rulers:
• Plar Tueod Fent (illusionist, 579 CY), attempted assassination by General Pernevi (with Elara Mornstar’s help) in 580 CY. Fent flees the city and wanders for several years before eventually settling in Blackmoor, where he becomes Baron of Ramsborn.
• General Pernevi, secretly assassinated and replaced by the shapechanging cambion Kerzinen in 583 CY. Rookroost surrenders to Iuz that same year.
• Pernevi/Kerzinen was attacked by Lord Marshal Arus Mortoth in 586 CY after the Flight of Fiends. Kerzinen dispatched Mortoth and assumed his identity.
• Mortoth/Kerzinen was attacked by Graf Demmel Tadurinal in 594 CY. Kerzinen dispatched Tadurinal and assumed his identity.
• Tadurinal/Kerzinen was driven from Rookroost by Rhaedrick Avenfear in 598 CY.

Important Characters:

  • Cazamir, (LN male human Clr9 of Zilchus, high priest of the church of Zilchus in Rookroost) This aging Oeridian priest of the Moneylender, in an unusual move, had to ally himself with the Rookroost Thieves’ Guild to remain in hiding during the Iuzian occupation. During that time, he developed a close friendship with Rhaedrick Avenfear—whom he now trusts with his life. Upon Rhaedrick’s rise to Plar, Cazamir was named Minister of Finances and given a seat on the Plar’s Council.
  • Mysta Gonagin, (female halfling, owner of the Gonagin house). With Grandpa’s ailing health, the task of leading the Rookroost Gonagins has fallen on Mysta’s small shoulders, a task she never really asked for. The Gonagin clan has practically taken over Cheap Street.


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