Rookroost City Cemetery

Perched due north of the city outside its main wall, the cemetery has been home to Rookroost’s more affluent deceased since the mid-300s. Those who cannot afford the city’s plot fees are instead cremated in the cemetery’s massive crematorium, their ashes often scattered throughout the city by grieving friends and relatives.

The cemetery, and its charges, suffered during the Iuzian occupation. The demon-god’s worshipers raised nearly all of the dead as undead, often leaving the newly undead uncontrolled and free to terrorize the Outwall District. In addition, the undead did much damage to the various structures, statues, and tombstones in the cemetery. As a result, many of the grave plots were empty when Rhaedrick Avenfear became Plar of Rookroost.

Since the defeat of the Iuzians, a mysterious and beautiful Suel female, known only as the Guardian of the Graves, has taken up residence in the cemetery’s funeral home. A powerful cleric of Wee-Jas, the Plar must recognize her authority over the dead for within the walls of the cemetery, her word is as law. Despite her efforts to renovate the cemetery, she is mostly known in the city for cajoling the city’s local clerics, of various faiths, to help her line the cemetery’s walls with runes and glyphs of warding designed to prevent undead, a handful of which that are too powerful for her to destroy and that remain, from escaping the cemetery.

The Guardian of the Graves must have the Plar’s backing for the city’s constabulary no longer patrol the cemetery; rather, they stand guard outside its gates. Instead, it is patrolled by her cadre of guards and acolytes—all of whom are Suel who lived in the city and flocked to her employ when she took over the cemetary. At night, the templars-in-training to Wee-Jas stand watch inside the gates, facing into the cemetery as they are tasked with preventing anyone, or anything, from leaving after sundown when the gates are sealed by the Guardian of the Graves.

Rookroost City Cemetery

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