BK 600CY

In Search of a Scroll, part 1

After resting overnight in the Drunken Dragon Inn, the PCs are given a note by the innkeeper from Ahren. In it, Ahren asks the PCs to meet him at noon outside the Noble’s Gate.

After agreeing that they should all go see what Ahren wants with them, the PCs spend the next several hours exploring the city. Hendrick, accompanied by Adeipho, attempts to find the Gonagin House but they are unable to do so. Deacon Ash attempts to perform to a nearly empty common room back at the inn but is asked to stop by the innkeeper.

Around noon, the group makes its way to the Noble’s Gate and meets with Ahren. There, Ahren asks for their help in retrieving a scroll which he had accidentally dropped down a storm drain while going about his errands to and fro the Wizards’ Tower the night before. While Ahren is a Page in the city’s court, he does not want to make the local constabulary angry with him by ordering them into the sewers to retrieve the lost scroll; thus, he is hoping that the PCs will help him. As enticement, Ahren reminds them that it might be handy to have a friend in the city who is a functionary, albeit a minor one, in the local bureaucracy.

After the PCs agree to help Ahren, he leads them to a nearby guard station. Along the way, he points out the storm drain that the scroll had fallen into after he dropped it. At the station, they meet Sergeant Joh, who is First Sergeant for this particular guard station. Sergeant Joh leads Ahren and the PCs into the station’s basement, in which is a trap door which opens into the city’s sewers. Ahren points towards where he thinks the scroll should be and then exits the station to stand outside the drain in order to better guide the PCs. When Sergeant Joh opens the trap door, the stench of the sewers fills the small basement room. While the stench is powerful, only Deacon becomes nauseous. Despite Deacon’s upset stomach, the PCs climb down a rope ladder and into the sewers. Sergeant Joh then tells them to knock three times, then two, then one upon their return before he shuts and locks the trap door.

The sewers are nasty but easily navigable and the PCs soon arrive under the indicated storm drain. However, there is no scroll case to be found. After searching around, Deacon notices humanoid tracks in the nearby muck. Hendrick identifies them as goblin tracks and the party begins to follow them, assuming that the goblins had found Ahren’s scroll and made off with it.

After a short journey, the PCs find a makeshift dam blocking the sewer. While examining the dam, they are attacked by a darkmantle. After its defeat, Hendrick manages to stabilize the dam so that it won’t collapse while the PCs climb over it. While doing so, he notes that the dam has created a small pond of sewage on the opposite side.

After the PCs have all climbed over the dam and waded into the pond of scum, Lireal spots a lever on the fall wall and approaches it. As she does so, a large alligator, which had been hiding in the muck, attacks her. After a fierce battle, the alligator is killed.

Lireal pulls the lever, opening several sluice gates; these allow most of the pond’s water to drain away.

After exiting the pond, the PCs note that the sewer’s tunnel is lined with niches. Each niche is occupied by a limestone statue whose features have been worn away. Deacon picks up the goblins’ tracks again; they lead into a niche on the right. After examining the area, the PCs find that the statue conceals a secret door.

After opening it, the discover that a small tunnel leads into a rubbish room. Lireal begins poking around in the rubbish, finding a shiny stone. As she bends to retrieve it, she is attacked by a trio of giant centipedes. After fighting off the voracious insects, the PCs return to the main tunnel and continue their search. Hendrick identifies the stone as a cracked dark blue rhomboid ioun stone and tosses it above his head where it hovers silently.

Deacon finds more goblin tracks which lead to another statue farther down the right-hand side of the tunnel. Another secret door is found and opened; behind it, a short tunnel ends in a T. As the PCs scout the new, smaller tunnel, they are attacked by a swarm of spiders. Using acid flasks, the PCs are able to defeat the spiders.

In-game time elapsed this session: 0.5 days
Total in-game time elapsed: 1.5 days



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