BK 600CY

Welcome to Rookroost

While waiting to enter the city of Rookroost during a late spring day in the year 600 CY, the PCs find themselves in the western Outwall District. While standing in the Funery Gate’s line, they hear various rumors about the monsters ravaging the northern Bluff Hills area. The rumors center on a shadowy dragon, known as That Which Slept, which had attacked the city of Groucester at the end of 596 CY.

While fending off beggars, the PCs notice a street urchin attempting to pick their pockets. After scaring that one away, they notice another urchin attempting to steal a purse from an orc. The orc notices the attempted theft and knocks the urchin out with a hit from the flat of his falchion. When the nearby crowd begins to talk about the orc selling the urchin into slavery, the PCs decide to intervene.

Upset that the PCs are interfering in his business, the orc and his cronies refuse to release the urchin and a fight ensues. The PCs defeat the orc and his cronies, rescuing the urchin—who turns out to be a female halfling named Ripley Gonagin. Ripley is very grateful to the PCs for rescuing her.

After the fight, Ahren, a page of the Plar’s Court of Rookroost, approaches the group, impressed that they had been willing to stick their necks out to rescue a petty thief from slavery. As a result, he is interested in keeping tabs on the PCs in case he ever needs adventurers to help him with something. In order to impress them with his position, he escorts them to the front of the gate’s line and waives the normal 5sp fee required to enter the city. In doing so, he escorts them past Grindell’s normal harassment.

The PCs escort Ripley into the city, leaving her to enjoy her freedom. Ripley vows to put in a good word for them with the Gonagin clan leader, a halfling named Mysta Gonagin.

Ahren recommends that the PCs, who are all strangers to each other, find an inn to stay in for he hopes to a use for them soon. The PCs decide to stay at the Green Dragon Inn.

In-game time elapsed this session: 1 day
Total in-game time elapsed: 1 day

Treasure/boons earned this session:
The favor of Ripley and possibly the Gonagain clan
The interest of Ahren



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